Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Baaaacckkk!

Hello fellow fashion bloggers & followers! I know it's been like a billion years since I last posted but I recently started working as a blogger for iCandy Clothing Company so that has kept me suuuper busy! You can continue supporting me as blogger and watching for new posts by liking iCandy Clothing at: Also, we are always looking for guest bloggers so let me know if you're interested! On top of that, I was also chosen as a top entry in Element Eden's guest blogger contest so that means you have to do me a big, big favor and vote for me by liking my entry or if you're feeling generous repost on your blog! I need all the likes I can possibly get from now until November 25th so pretty please go like!
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rock n' Roll Chic

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mix & Match: Neutrals with Color

Soft neutrals seem to be everywhere you look this spring, and the eye-catching, new and improved updated version is mixing it with just a pop of color. I love the look with turquiose accents and it definitely screams summer! A trendy, feminine lace top pictured here from at just $21.00 and add a chunky, colorful cuff from for $10.80. Pair with casual, fitted white shorts from Volcom at $36.00 on, which will quickly become a summer must-have for any outfit. Grab a beautiful, embellished hobo bag for just $29.99 at to top off your perfectly glamorous summer look for just under $100.00.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Adrienne's Top Spring Must-Haves

acid washed jeans
I think these jeans make the perfect look for spring and would compliment all the bright colors and pastels we're starting to wear. I love that the acid wash is coming back, some might not agree  but I think they're definitely new and improved and I can't wait to snag a pair of my own. Like it or not, these are the new IT jeans.

short slouchy boots
These definitely grew on me, I love these with a cute pair of denim cut-offs or a skirt or dress. Really anything would work with these versatile boots, they are the perfect transition to spring.

This is your solution to wearing that cute short dress, and not getting into too much trouble. These one piece outfits give the appearance of a dress, flowy and unrestrictive but act like a short to keep you covered when you're having fun. 

flowy tank
There's plenty of room to breathe with this cool, airy fitting tank. On a warm day, pair with capri leggings and it's a match made in heaven. Dress it up for night with pumps, for a look that's casually glam.

beige blazer
The blazer looks cool and crisp in a summer-friendly beige. This will be my go-to for a light cover-up on a cool day. A bright or floral dress/romper will instantly pop underneath this neutral shade. 

simple red dress
Nothing makes an entrance like a lady in red, just watch pretty woman! Red just so happens to be my favorite color, lucky for me it's back on the color palette for summer/spring. In my eyes there is nothing more attention-grabbing and sensual than a red dress. 

white purse
I love the look of a clean white purse against color for spring. White purses only come out when the weather is warm so just seeing them brightens up any look. 

pretty spring makeup
Two-Faced is one of my favorite cosmetics brands, it is very richly pigmented, even more so than MAC in my opinion. They make a variety of beautiful colors for eyes, but the one I'm featuring I think is an essential spring palette for colors that are both soft and sultry. You can look fresh-faced and natural with the pretty pastels, and blend in the darker colors for night to create a dramatic smokey eye. Every girl should have a kit like this!

flower necklace 
I don't know why but I'm suddenly into floral everything now that it's spring, including jewelry. I think just a subtle flower charm necklace looks really spring-y and would be something you could wear all the time with a basic tank or simple top.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Classy Act: Wear A Tuxedo and Look Hot!

tuxedo bombshell

No one can pull off a sexy tuxedo look quite like Eva but we can sure try! Eva was wearing this perfectly polished ensemble on David Letterman the other night. As soon as I saw this I just had to recreate it! Below I found some closely matched items for a lot less than eva's designer look. The low cut tuxedo jacket and hot pants definitely make an entrance and although eva looks stunning, we might not be making our debut at the late night show. This outfit can be a little more discreet by adding a tank top under the jacket, but it also depends on the occasion and how much skin you want to show. 

GAP tuxedo blazer, $25

Friday, March 25, 2011

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My article featuring some of Spring 2011's newest trends will let not only let you know what you should be wearing this Spring but will also support me as newly published author! I would love to hear some of your feedback so feel free to leave comments or let me know via blog. I would appreciate it!! xoxo adrienne

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedge Appeal

Unless you've been living in a cave chances are you have seen wedges dominating the fashion world. The summery look of a wedged heel takes you from winter to spring in an instant, not to mention gives you inches more height and lets you have legs for days! Wedges will polish off any pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans or look extra glamorous with skinnies or flirty with a dress or skirt. The chunkier and stacked the better, and the more embellished the more stylish you will look! The wedge is evolving with all kinds of detailing including zippers and studs, cut outs in the heel, and straps that wrap around in every direction. You can't go wrong in picking a favorite, but with cheaper options why not have them in every style? Below you can pick and choose from an assortment of wedges from different sites where the price is right for you!
Shiek Shoes-A variety of low prices at your finger tips!

Piperlime-Name your price and search within your budget

Go Jane- Designer look alikes without breaking the bank

6pm-Your favorite brands at amazing bargains!