Friday, March 25, 2011

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedge Appeal

Unless you've been living in a cave chances are you have seen wedges dominating the fashion world. The summery look of a wedged heel takes you from winter to spring in an instant, not to mention gives you inches more height and lets you have legs for days! Wedges will polish off any pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans or look extra glamorous with skinnies or flirty with a dress or skirt. The chunkier and stacked the better, and the more embellished the more stylish you will look! The wedge is evolving with all kinds of detailing including zippers and studs, cut outs in the heel, and straps that wrap around in every direction. You can't go wrong in picking a favorite, but with cheaper options why not have them in every style? Below you can pick and choose from an assortment of wedges from different sites where the price is right for you!
Shiek Shoes-A variety of low prices at your finger tips!

Piperlime-Name your price and search within your budget

Go Jane- Designer look alikes without breaking the bank

6pm-Your favorite brands at amazing bargains!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Make Them Stutter:Picking the Sexiest Suit

Pictured above. The orchid boutique Juliette Bikini.

One thing is forsure when finding the perfect suit, it has to be different. The last thing a girl wants to see is the same one on some random girl down the beach, so I've included some unique swimwear sites below to surf for your new suit! There are a few things to consider when making sure we look like a total bombshell and not just the girl next door..First it needs to fit our curves in all the right places and showcase our best assets. This means if your an A cup at the very least have some padding, but better yet try a style with a push-up bra built in. This will add sex appeal on it's own. If your already fully loaded in the boob department, just make sure the top will be flattering and leave a little imagination, remember you want attention not overkill. For those who want to downsize, just make sure the top has more coverage and isn't a halter which will only  double the trouble. Next, pick a bottom that will enhance the booty. Many suits come with versatile style options so you can choose between a tanga, string bikini, brazilian,or briefs. For those who need a little more emphasizing in this area, a style that is gathered in the middle will give the illusion of a little 'more derrierre'. If your goal is to flaunt what you've got, the possibilities are endless just pick the right amount of coverage your comfortable with. Those who are blessed with an already sizeable amount of booty can steer attention away with a full coverage or classic bikini option. Remember to pick a color that suits your skin tone, something many women overlook but can definitely destroy the glamour. To get a detailed guide on the colors suited best for you, all you need to know is here:  Now for the fun part, picking your sexy new suit is just a few clicks away!

Bombshells on a budget! at Swimwear Express

Unique styles at Orchid Boutique!

Perfect prices at

Stand out styles at

A swimsuit for every budget! at

A variety of different brands at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking hot in the buff!

You can go naked without showing too much skin with the rising popularity of nude tones! This beautifully stunning look is from H&M's new Conscious Collection which will be released Apr.14th in H&M stores.
Meanwhile, there are numerous ways you can look just as phenomonal in the sensual shades and on a strict budget! has a line dedicated specifically to giving us the look for less!

Flesh tones at

A red-hot pop of color to spruce up a basic outfit!

Spring is here and its bold and bright! Take it from the adorable Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars (which just so happens to be an amazing show on ABC Family). Feel free to your pair your tired black or grey blazer from last fall with a red hot mini! Instantly you will look on point with the season's biggest pick me up trend! You can recreate this trend yourself with really any bright color in your closet but the red just happens to be my personal favorite. A pair of simple black flats as pictured here will work just fine or if your going from day to night black pumps will add instant drama. The skirt on Hanna is from Black Halo and priced at retail for $240.00 (which I think is a little over the average girl's budget) but not to worry! I have a few MUCH cheaper ideas to give you the same smokin' hot look!

Here is a very similar skirt with a vintage twist on

A top rated look alike at American Apparel

A more tiered take on the red mini on Sophistix

An edgier look with zipper detailing for the more daring bad girl! on Sophistix

The Bracelet Craze!!!

Yes!! Finally its OK to wear every bracelet we own all at once! You can throw less is more out the window when it comes to layering bracelets.The new need for a thousand mixed bracelets can be seen all over the runway models and celebrities these days. So should you prepare to stock up this summer? Definitely yes! The new trend is making your outfit with your accessories so don't be afraid to look plain jane with your favorite casual tee as long as the bracelets are piled on! You can also layer your necklaces just make sure they compliment each other. So how do you snag this bohemian new look without using up all your shopping money on a mass supply of bracelets? Well here are your answers:

Wet Seal-Provides the look for less and you can buy a bundle for cheap!

Go Jane-A variety of very cute styles!

Forever 21-Can you get any cheaper?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Skinny Vs Flared

Pictured here are J Brand 901 Leggings and
True Religion Carrie Petite Skinny Knee Wide Leg Flare Jean

 The unsettling arrival of spring 2011's hottest new trend makes us wonder if the unflattering bell bottomed silhouette will ever stay where it belongs-in the 70's. In 2010 jeans finally gave us what we wanted with the jegging. Comfort. Not to mention a lean, leggy sleekness no other jeans could give us. Just as quick as the arrival of the jegging it seems to be threatened by the once again popular,flared jean. This up and comming trend scares the life out of us and out of our precious jeggings and skinnies. We must stay true to the jeans that were there for us when we we felt frumpy but still managed to look a million bucks. Ladies, this is a trend I feel we should protest and fight! When everyone else is rocking the bulk we should stick to our guns and shine with the skinny!