Monday, March 14, 2011

Skinny Vs Flared

Pictured here are J Brand 901 Leggings and
True Religion Carrie Petite Skinny Knee Wide Leg Flare Jean

 The unsettling arrival of spring 2011's hottest new trend makes us wonder if the unflattering bell bottomed silhouette will ever stay where it belongs-in the 70's. In 2010 jeans finally gave us what we wanted with the jegging. Comfort. Not to mention a lean, leggy sleekness no other jeans could give us. Just as quick as the arrival of the jegging it seems to be threatened by the once again popular,flared jean. This up and comming trend scares the life out of us and out of our precious jeggings and skinnies. We must stay true to the jeans that were there for us when we we felt frumpy but still managed to look a million bucks. Ladies, this is a trend I feel we should protest and fight! When everyone else is rocking the bulk we should stick to our guns and shine with the skinny!

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