Friday, March 18, 2011

Make Them Stutter:Picking the Sexiest Suit

Pictured above. The orchid boutique Juliette Bikini.

One thing is forsure when finding the perfect suit, it has to be different. The last thing a girl wants to see is the same one on some random girl down the beach, so I've included some unique swimwear sites below to surf for your new suit! There are a few things to consider when making sure we look like a total bombshell and not just the girl next door..First it needs to fit our curves in all the right places and showcase our best assets. This means if your an A cup at the very least have some padding, but better yet try a style with a push-up bra built in. This will add sex appeal on it's own. If your already fully loaded in the boob department, just make sure the top will be flattering and leave a little imagination, remember you want attention not overkill. For those who want to downsize, just make sure the top has more coverage and isn't a halter which will only  double the trouble. Next, pick a bottom that will enhance the booty. Many suits come with versatile style options so you can choose between a tanga, string bikini, brazilian,or briefs. For those who need a little more emphasizing in this area, a style that is gathered in the middle will give the illusion of a little 'more derrierre'. If your goal is to flaunt what you've got, the possibilities are endless just pick the right amount of coverage your comfortable with. Those who are blessed with an already sizeable amount of booty can steer attention away with a full coverage or classic bikini option. Remember to pick a color that suits your skin tone, something many women overlook but can definitely destroy the glamour. To get a detailed guide on the colors suited best for you, all you need to know is here:  Now for the fun part, picking your sexy new suit is just a few clicks away!

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