Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bracelet Craze!!!

Yes!! Finally its OK to wear every bracelet we own all at once! You can throw less is more out the window when it comes to layering bracelets.The new need for a thousand mixed bracelets can be seen all over the runway models and celebrities these days. So should you prepare to stock up this summer? Definitely yes! The new trend is making your outfit with your accessories so don't be afraid to look plain jane with your favorite casual tee as long as the bracelets are piled on! You can also layer your necklaces just make sure they compliment each other. So how do you snag this bohemian new look without using up all your shopping money on a mass supply of bracelets? Well here are your answers:

Wet Seal-Provides the look for less and you can buy a bundle for cheap!

Go Jane-A variety of very cute styles!

Forever 21-Can you get any cheaper?

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