Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Baaaacckkk!

Hello fellow fashion bloggers & followers! I know it's been like a billion years since I last posted but I recently started working as a blogger for iCandy Clothing Company so that has kept me suuuper busy! You can continue supporting me as blogger and watching for new posts by liking iCandy Clothing at: Also, we are always looking for guest bloggers so let me know if you're interested! On top of that, I was also chosen as a top entry in Element Eden's guest blogger contest so that means you have to do me a big, big favor and vote for me by liking my entry or if you're feeling generous repost on your blog! I need all the likes I can possibly get from now until November 25th so pretty please go like!
This will make me truly indebted to you for life!! Thanks for being a loyal follower!
Much love,
Adrienne xoxo

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